Broom Mill Farm Shop, Tea Room & Visitor Attraction

Broom Mill Farm with its Farm Shop, Tea Room and Restaurant, plus working waterwheel, is located at the foot of the overlooking and magnificent tree-lined Bildershaw escarpment and in the heart of beautiful Northumbria's Durham countryside in Lower Teesdale, near West Auckland and Bishop Auckland in Weardale and Wear Valley.

Broom Mill Farm

As the name suggests, there was a mill at the farm some centuries ago in 1691 in the days of water-power. In fact, the old mill house is still attached to the farmhouse, is featured in our logo and is the home of our new Farm Shop.

It was here they developed a successful Pig farm and, more recently, a tremendous food production operation serving Farmers' Markets, Retail Outlets and a growing Mail Order market.

Our latest development has been the completion of a new, purpose-built and fully-equipped food production unit, attached to the farm house, enabling the production and manufacture of our own unique products on the farm itself. We use our home bred animals and integrate all the best of the beautiful countryside.

Matthew and Tracey Betney would like to invite you to sample their delicious range of Smoked Bacon, Gammon, Fresh Pork Joints, Burgers, Meatballs and our mouth-watering selection of tasty Sausages, Farm Dry Cured Bacon, Farm Dry Cured Gammon and Hams, Oak Smoked Ham, Fresh Pork Joints, Proper Bacon and Real Sausages..... for the way Pork used to be!

At Broom Mill Farm our pigs are homebred. They are reared both outside and in open straw barns where they are managed in a very welfare friendly environment which aims to have happy, healthy pigs! Our Pigs are fed on our own special cereal feed which we mix ourselves. This is so that we can use only the best ingredients and so we know exactly what our pigs are eating. There are no antibiotics or growth promoters used in our feed. All this ensures that our products and meats tastes like They used to Taste.

Our bacon and gammon is Dry Cured traditionally, using a special recipe which produces its own distinct flavour. Our bacon and ham is very good value for money and have won several awards to demonstrate their accepted quality.

When it is cooked, there is no watery residue that you find from bacon produced by large scale producers. Factory processed bacon loses up to 60% when cooked. Therefore we are pleased to inform you that our bacon is 'proper bacon'. Our smoking is done over Oak to give our smoked bacon a delicious distinctive flavour.

We also have a range of real gourmet sausages, which are all hand made, using only the finest ingredients. We only use shoulder and belly pork in our sausages. That is why they are so delicious. Try some, you won't be disappointed. We have a wide range to suit all tastes. When you cook them there is no splitting and no spitting of fat.

Matthew and Tracy Betney would like to offer you a delicious range of pork products:

Please complete the Order Form or Telephone / Fax us on 01388 834564.