Broom Mill Farm Sausages - Our Favourites


Here at Broom Mill Farm we are passionate about our sausages; they are hand crafted using only our own farm reared pork shoulder and pork belly, then carefully seasoned with the finest blend of herbs and natural flavours.

Here are our favourite blends - available all year around;

All Day Pork - Our traditional pork sausage with a very subtle bleng of herbs

Farmhouse Pork - Another traditional pork sausage with a hint of nutmeg

Cumberland Herb - An old fashioned cumberland blend containing Mace black pepper, marjoram and sage

Red Onion Marmalade - A hint of sweet red onion chutney

Boozy Broon Banger - The original and best Newcastle Brown Ale flavoured sausage, as requested by the Newcastle United chef

Hog Roast Pork - A natural combination of pork, apple, sage and onion

Country Garden - A delicous blend of chive, parsley, onion and leek

Provencal Pork - Sundried tomatoes, basil and garlic

Rocket sausage - With a bit of a kick; red peppers, cumin, paprika and tobasco

Toulousse - Subtle hints of garlic and cracked black pepper

All are served in packs of 6. All suitable for freezing.